We work closely with the design team to evolve creative ideas and lighting concepts that will complement the overall design. We liaise with the electrical engineers or installers to ensure the design is both practical and cost-effective, and that the final result is the best one for the project. Finally, we follow the project through to completion, to ensure that all aspects of both design and installation are successfully addressed.

The benefits Light Works provide as your partner for lighting design:

  • We offer independent, expert advice, taking the desired lighting effect as the starting point of the design. We consider the interaction of light with architectural elements, colour and materials.
  • We focus the design to your needs: Whether the brief focuses on electrical or optical efficiency, flexibility, or aesthetic quality,
  • We offer solutions that are tailored to fit the project budget.
  • Our design scope is not limited to product range, so we can design lighting for any project you are involved with – including effects where the light source is not even seen.
  • We keep up to date with the latest technology and trends in the lighting industry.
  • We acknowledge the interdependence of lighting with the other design elements and services in the project, and address the issues that arise from this.
  • We are measured by the end result, so we take care that the lighting solution doesn’t end at the design. Site visits and liaison with the project professionals ensure the vision becomes reality.


Services We Provide


Initial Client Contact

The first thing we do is ascertain our clients requirements for their project. Whatever level of lighting knowledge our clients have, understanding their vision is the first critical step in the design process.


Existing Installation Evaluation

Quantitative and/or qualitative evaluation of an existing lighting installation.


Conceptual Design

Taking the lighting design to the stage where it is first proposed to our client. At this stage the design can be discussed and used as a platform to launch the main lighting design. This would also include
rough cost estimates to establish preliminary equipment budgets.


Detailed Design

Working with the client/architect/designer to take the lighting design from the conceptual stage to the final solution. If required this could include quantified results and is presented in an easy-to-understand format, with performance or product specification and budget costing. Ideally, the lighting design and the architectural elements evolve at the same time.


Presentation Possibilities

We offer a number of supplemental presentation options using programs such as:

AutoCad 2013
AGI 32
Power Point


Project Management

Overseeing the installation of the lighting equipment, liaising with the architect and installer. Here we ensure light fittings are positioned correctly, aim luminaries, and answer any technical queries.


Luminaire Design

When necessary we can design key luminaires, liaise with manufacturers to customise fittings or develop built-in effects.